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About RMG Elites

Our focus here at RMG Elites is to help our youth build character by not only teaching them about football, but about life as well. Our goal is to teach each player Responsibility, Respect, and Sportsmanship while at the same time implementing the fundamentals of the game. Being based in Rochester,NY surrounded by violence, poverty and negative influences, Our mission is to show the youth that life has more to offer. Football is more than just a game here at RMG Elites.



Rochester's youth is in crisis and has to face challenges that are impossible for our children to solve alone. 


Percentage of our athletes being raised by single mothers



Homicide rate increase in Rochester, NY over the last 5 years


Rochester's Graduation Rate, the lowest in New York State

Through living our 4 core values, we believe that we can play our part to help our youth have the future that they deserve. 


Friendly Circle


We focus on the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of the child to help them feel safe and supported. Through our partnerships with community leaders and educators, we offer workshops and team building exercises that focus on the 5 Core SEL Competencies: Self-awareness, Self-management, Social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. 


From study groups to workshops, we assess the grades of our students, as well as track student learning and academic performance by offering tutoring services and educational programming to assist students throughout the year, and as they transition to the next grade level. 

In the Classroom
Salmon Fillet

Nutritional Guidance

To support public health strategies and programs that improve whole child development, we aim to provide youth athletes with nutritional guidance that aligns its the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We offer healthy snacks and dietary plans for youth and families to implement for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. 


RMG Elite athletes train with our in-house strength and conditioning coaches 3 times per week to maximize their potential on the football field. Athletes are instructed on body weight exercises and stretches through a customized fitness plan to help them reach their goals for the season

Physical Training

"No matter the circumstances, we believe all children in Monroe County will be able to flourish and live healthy, successful lives when provided with additional resources, guidance, and support from neighborhood mentors, coaches, and partners.​​" 
                                                                               - Coach Diddi

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